Why White Line?

Fewer Utility Flags. A Yard You Can Still Enjoy.

The Secret to Fewer Flags on Your Yard or Jobsite

Contact Indiana 811 before every digging project. It’s smart, keeps you and your family safe, and it’s even the law in Indiana. But let’s face it: a yard or jobsite entirely covered by utility flags – while colorful – isn’t always convenient. Flags where you don’t need them aren’t great for mowing, a curious pet, or keeping clients happy.

That’s where white lining comes in.

Mark off your intended dig area or areas with white paint/flags before the utility locators come and they’ll only place utility marks within your dig area(s).* That’s safer for your pets, less frustrating for any clients, and it’ll be easier mowing.

Plus, your yard won’t look like an obstacle course.

Contractor and utility worker standing with a few flags placed inside a white circle Contractor and utility worker standing with flags placed all over a yard
How to White Line

*Occasionally, utility flags may be placed 10-15 feet outside of the white line if a utility is found nearby.

How to White Line in 3 Easy Steps


Let Indiana 811 know of your intent to white line by selecting “Yes” on the white lining question.

Portion of 811 form

Grab some white spray paint, white yard chalk or white flags.

Spray paint can on ground

Mark the areas in which you plan to dig prior to the locators’ arrival.

Woman drawing a white circle on a lawn

Ready to start digging?

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Indiana 811’s service is always free.

If you do not contact Indiana 811 (i.e. “dig blind”), you run the risk of hitting a utility line, which could result in any number of undesirable consequences, including: disruption of utility service, property damage, fines, prosecution, lawsuits, injury or death.

Indiana 811 is a free service for locating utility lines before a dig.

You must contact 811 at least two full working days prior to excavation to give the member utilities enough time to mark the approximate location of their underground utilities on your property. “Working day” means every day except Saturday, Sunday, and state and national legal holidays.

The fastest way to contact Indiana 811 is to submit your dig request online.

Contact Indiana 811 before every dig.

Your public utilities leading up to your utility’s meter will be located through the 811 system.

If a utility was added and, for example, runs from your home to another location (detached garage, gas grills, outdoor gas fire pits), it will not be located. Those kinds of utilities are considered private utilities and are not located through the 811 system.

White lining is spraying a white line on the ground to indicate every place you plan to dig on a property. When you white line and tell Indiana 811 that you are white lining, the utility locators will only place their marker flags inside the area(s) you specified with your lines - not all over the yard. The paint you use to mark your dig area(s) It just has to be white because the utility locators use specific colors to indicate the different types of utilities in your yard.

For more information, including a variety of free training modules on how to safely dig around buried utilities, visit Safe Dig Indiana.

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